Time Deposit

**Higher Interest rate than Regular Savings
** Evidenced by a Time Deposit Certificate
**PDIC insured up to P500,000.00

Minimum Placement
Interest rate
Withholding tax
Interest computation
Documentary Stamp
Preterm Rate

Refer to daily rate sheet
mimum 30 days
prevailing Savings account interest
(principal x rate x term/360 days
Flexibility in Investment
Princiapl/200/360 x no. of days
prevailing Savings account interest

Documentary Requirements

For Personal account

Any one (1) Stand alone ID
Any two (2) primary ID
Any one (1) primary and two (2) secondary IDs
Any two (2) secondary IDs and proof of billing, with officers approval prior to

For Corporation

1 Certificate of Registration; Articles of Incorporation & By Laws with SEC
Corporate Secretary’s Certificate with notarized and Original copy of Board
2 Resolution indicating account opening in CURB and its authorized signatories
3 Corporate Secretary Certificate in incumbents officers/updated GIS
4 ID’s of the signatories together with the Corporate Secretary.

Sole Proprietorship

1 Certificate of Registration with DTI
2 Application of Registration with DTI
3 Special power of Attorney (in case account is opened with another other signatory)
4 Acceptable IDs of the owner and the other signatory, if any


1 Certificate or Registration of Articles of Parnership with SEC
2 Articles of Co-Partnership
3 Notarized Partnership Agreement
4 2 valid IDs of signatories


1 Certificate of Registration issued by SEC
2 Articles of Incorporation
3 Copy of Affitdavit of presiding elder
4 By laws, practices and Procedures
5 Board Resolution
***When the religious corporations are not registered with the SEC, the documents
to be required shall be those required from unregistered organizations/associations.
6 2 Valid ID’s of signatories


1 Articles of Incorporation with the certificate of Registration issued by Housning and
Land use Regulatory Board (HLURB)
2 By-laws approved by HLURB
3 Board Resolution duly certified under oath by its Corporate Secretary
4 2 Valid Id’s of signatories

“Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor”